Luv Messenger


We bring to you the first two parts of recording from Cross Club in Prague 16.2.2012 – Luv Messenger Sound from Barcelona, selector Boldrik and Peeni Walli.

The first part is warm up selection by Ripclaw.

The second part is strictly dubplates juggling Peeni Walli ls. Boldrik.

Other parts of recording will be published soon…





Ve čtvrtek 16.2.2012 do Prahy přijede barcelonský reggae sound Luv Messenger, aby se představil na hlavní stagi klubu Cross v rámci REGGAENERACE. Ale ještě než Luv Messenger nekompromisně naloží publiku svoji selekci pecek, Peeni Walli společně se selektorem Boldrikem zajistí warm up ve velkém stylu. Boldrik a Peeni Walli si totiž tentokrát dají „dubplate showcase“ a je dost pravděpodobné, že dojde i na přátelský dub fi dub. Takže doražte včas!

Na sklepní stagi budou hrát dubstep a autonomic DJs Mad4Bass, Jafman a Bud. Vstup zdarma!

Luv Messenger was founded in 2007 by Supah Lion, Don Rolando, RudeTeo, Nico Lupen and Efuran after many years of good work and experience in their individual trajectory, to provide a show with a very unique style, high quality entertainment for all likes and to establish a new sound in the city of Barcelona. As lovers of all eras of jamaican reggae, their selection is suitable for all audience that enjoys good music. Their energetic sessions and the contact to the massive make their shows nights to remember. Efuran is the newest member joining Luv Messenger in september 2011.


ls. guests TBA
@ Hybernská 4 (Praha)
ls. Soundproof & Waddup Sounds
@ Bounce Club (Praha)